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I have had a lot of my music friends ask me about my movie and acting career over the years so I have decided  to add this page for that information.

It all started in High School, or maybe it was Jr High school that I did my first play. I think it was "Little Abner"  yep that was it.
I joined the Air Force and went to Jet Mechanics School, then  to Germany where I spent 2 wonderful years.  Met my  first wife and had a little daughter and then we all came back to the states.  Duluth, Minn cold and about the most north I had ever been, lots of snow.  How ever I did get involved in a  Theater acting group there and did a couple of stage productions while stationed at the Air Base there.
Got transfer to California due to my mother's illness, I had grown up and went to school there in San Diego.  I was stationed at March AFB in Riverside, Calif, and they had a nice Community Theater there where I did some shows there as well. It was close to Hollywood and Los Angeles but I still had time to serve in the Air Force plus another daughter so didn't follow my dream much at that time. From California I was stationed in Texas and then New Jersey. The Viet Nam started and I got orders to ship out.  And so I found myself there spent a year and then got transfered to Clark AFB in the Phillipines.  I joined the base theater group and did a few shows. And I volunteered to do work at the Radio and Television stations that American Forces Radio & TV had at the base I did evening and over nite radio shifts on the radio.  And also produced and appeared in a kids TV show and appeared as Santa on Christmas.  I went TDY(tempory Duty) to Saigon to help a couple of times doing radio there too.  Also during that time I worked off base doing a Rock-N-Roll radio show for a station in town they also had a staion in Manila where they picked up my show and broadcasted it.  Through our Base Theater group I met with a film maker who's mother was a Phillipine National and his father a Amercian Soldier during WW2 and fought with the Phillipine Army after the Islands where taken.  His family mothers family had sugar cane plantations and so he was pretty well off.  He started producing, Directing and appearing in films make there. He invited me to appear in one, later he worked with Universal Studios to help with locations, equipment and also was given a role in the movie for television called "The Longest Hundred Miles" about the Battan death march.  He got me a small work on role in it also, and assigned me to round up some extras from the Air Force and Navey Base. Actor's in that film included Doug McClure, Ricardo Montalban and Katerine Ross.  Before I left the Phillipines he also set me up with a supporting role in another war movie Staring Cornel Wilde and Rip Torn called "Beach Red"  Cornel became a good friend and a help when I got out of the Air Force and moved to Hollywood.



One of my most rewarding films was a supporting role with such names as James Whitmore, Jack Ging and Beverly Garland in the classic family film "Where The Red Fern Grows' which was filmed on location in Okla where the story took place as written in the children classic book written by Wilson Rawls who also narrated the film. And I was able to meet. The film was Directed by Norma Tokar who was on loan form the Walt Disney studio. Norma Direct many of the Walt Disney classics  in addtion to the "Apple Dumpling Gang" which he cast me in also.

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